Here Fell Custer 1976,  acrylic on canvas

"Of the hundreds of depictions of Custer's Last Stand, this painting rates as the most haunting and evocative of what it must have been like at that moment on Custer Hill. There is no glory here, only a dark landscape littered with death and tragedy." -- Robert Utley, Historian and Author

"Like most Last Stand art, Eric von Schmidt's Here Fell Custer is haunting, but no rendition till Eric's captured the true scale of the battlefield and with that, a visceral sense of how it must have been for the soldiers. That, and the skill with which he has rendered the qualities of confusion, strife, and lost cause, is what makes his painting so disquieting. Unlike with any other, the viewer has an instant sense of being there--the realism is THAT real--and thus with it, the horror and hopelessness Custer's men faced. We will never know what it was really like atop that hill that day, but Eric von Schmidt, I think, has brought us closer to the genuine actuality than anyone ever has and perhaps ever will." Chuck Rankin, Senior Editor University of OK Press

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