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This website is devoted to the artistic endeavors of Eric von Schmidt and his father, Harold von Schmidt famous American illustrator for Saturday Evening Post.

We cover topics of historical significance related to the art of both the father and son. From the battles of Bunker Hill to The Alamo, the Vons (as the von Schmidt family lovingly nicknamed Harold and Eric) have painted on many subjects important to United States history.

We begin with month-by-month coverage of Eric's just completed project, "The Ballad of Lewis and Clark", a 4 X 7 foot acrylic linen canvas that depicts a moment in time when Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and the Corps of Discovery met the Shoshone at Camp Fortunate near present day Dillon, Montana.

As Lewis and Clark traveled west over the Missouri river they encountered many tribes of American Indians. After making friends with the Mandan, the Corps of Discovery spent the first winter, of their journey, in 1804-1805 with the small tribe trading goods, information and sharing cultural and social norms.

By the summer of 1805, Lewis and Clark reached the headwaters of the Missouri near present day Three Forks, Montana. The Rocky Mountains proved to be more than mere hills as President Jefferson and Lewis expected, and the Corps of Discovery desperately needed horses and supplies to survive the difficult journey over the mountains.


Horses were one of the objectives of the meeting with the Shoshone at Camp Fortunate on August 17, 1805. The leader of the Shoshone, Cameahwait and his people welcomed Lewis and Clark to their lands. Sacagawea along with her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau a French Canadian fur trader were traveling with the Corps of Discovery as interpreters.

As Cameahwait hugged and welcomed the men of the Corps of Discovery, Sacajawea suddenly recognized him as her long, lost brother. She was taken from her family when Indians captured her as a young girl. It must have been a dramatic moment for everyone as Sacajawea tearfully hugged her brother.


Eric is capturing these events of the meeting in his painting. We will provide photos of the progress of his work from early conception to the final brush stroke. We sincerely hope you'll enjoy following the progress.

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