August 2003

photos © Eric von Schmidt

Three Paintings in the Studio

(l) "Folk Tapestry, 1950-1959", (m) "The Ballad of Lewis & Clark", (r) "Osceola"


It’s September 17, 2003 as I write this. You may have wondered where the months of June and July have gone? They’re not there!!

Simple answer is that on July 10, 2003 Eric faxed me, “Have finished L&C. Have had frame made. Yr pal, E.” I congratulated him for finishing a beautiful painting in just six months.

I once read an interview with America’s poet and author of Deliverance, James Dickey in which he explained that he rewrites his poetry at least 100 times before he feels it’s complete. That can be true for any creative person and I think it can apply to Eric as well. Now, most importantly, I'm still trying to find someone or some foundation to commission "The Ballad of Lewis and Clark." Hey, if you have some leads I'd very much appreciate you tossing them my way.

On August 5 in another fax, Eric stated, “…wondering if L&C is finished.”



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Eric is still working on it. Eric provided me with some updated shots of changes. In the image above Eric identifies some of the characters inside the frame.

The big change, and one I really like is with Drouillard. This is the second change made to the man who is also known as "Drewer." Please click here to enjoy the metamorphosis of this member of the Corps of Discovery.

To see some close-ups of members of the Corps of Discovery please click on August photos at upper left.

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Bob Reece

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